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RTI Information Act, 2005

Important Information about RTI

  • 1. In terms of RTI Act, 2005 section 6(b) the amount of fee for RTI should be addressed to Senior Accounts Officer, Jagadhri Workshop.
  • 2. CIC vide case no. CIC/ALDMU/A/2017/102135 dated 25.02.2016 and CIC/SA/A/2015/001849 dated 24.04.2017 has observed
    • 2.1 The citizen has no right to repeat the same or similar or slightly altered information request under RTI Act, 2005, for which he already got a response.
    • 2.2 Once an RTI application is answered, the appellants shall refrain themselves from filing another RTI application against the public authority as once information is received and held by them in public domain, because such information is deemed to have ceased to be ‘held’ by the public authority.
    • 2.3 An applicant or appellant repeating the RTI application or appeal either once or multiple times, suppressing the fact of earlier application and receipt of the answer, the CPIO of public authority may reject it forthwith after intimating it along with reasons, appeals can be rejected.